Cows in The Sky


I’m going to start this story by declaring that it is absolutely true, every last word of it.

I had a dream this morning right before I woke up. My wife and I were in the back yard of some house or another in a nondescript suburb of some nondescript city somewhere. You know, large half acre yards of perfect grass and such. Behind the houses was a pasture with average normal looking cows and the usual line of barbed wire fence around it. There were power lines running overhead and a creek running between the houses. The creek was full and rushing but not too deep maybe two or three feet at the most.

My wife and I were just standing there looking around, I don’t know why we were there or who lived there. I guess we were trespassing, I don’t know. Anyway we looked up and saw two calves twisted up in the power lines over head. I know what you’re thinking, “How would two calves get up in the power lines?” I know because I was thinking the same thing. The first thing that came to my mind was aliens, everybody knows that aliens like cows for some reason or, maybe they hate them I don’t know, they’re always abducting them and mutilating them and such. I’ve heard of cases of aliens dropping deer carcasses in the tops of trees after they’re done with them so…I don’t know, that’s what people say anyway.

So, my wife and I are standing there trying to figure out how and why two calves got up there and here come more cows, full size, walking along the wires just like gigantic squirrels! Not just a couple, the whole herd!

Now we were really confused, even if they could, why would they get up there, and how could the wires possibly hold them but there they were with their little hooves prancing along the wire like it was something they did every day. It was then we noticed that at the end of the wire at the last pole there was a cable from the pole to the ground at an angle and the cable was tied to the ground on the other side of the fence right by the creek. Well now it made all the sense in the world. The cows were climbing up at the other side of the pasture, where another pole was tied to the ground inside the fence, walking along the wire to the outside of the fence walking down the cable tied to the ground until they were low enough to jump off into the creek.

That’s it, the cows were using the over head power lines to escape! It all made perfect sense, and I thought it was aliens! Just goes to show you if you look a little deeper there’s always a perfectly reasonable, rational explanation for everything.

Shawn O’Dell Moola

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